Nick Cave surprises fans with launch of new online store, ‘Cave Things’

Nick Cave wallpaper, anyone?

Nick Cave has surprised fans with the launch of a new online store today (August 6).

Called ‘Cave Things’, the shop contains lyric sheets, prints that Cave himself has designed as well as t-shirts, Warren Ellis plectrums and bags.

Other items on the site include a ‘red hand’ keyring, a reference to his popular ‘Red Hand Files’ website where Cave answers fan questions, a signed polaroid taken by Cave along with wallpaper and a ‘Stranger Than Kindness’ bookmark.


You can see some of the items in the store below and access it here.

Mutiny! poster from Cave Things – Credit: Cave Things

Red Hand Charm on Cave Things – Credit: Cave Things

A polaroid on Cave Things – Credit: Cave Things

One of the t-shirts on Cave Things – Credit: Cave Things


One of the t-shirts on Cave Things – Credit: Cave Things

Earlier this week, Cave opened up about how he deals with writer’s block in the latest instalment of his ‘Red Hand Letters’ page.

Responding to a fan who was struggling to write lyrics, Cave said such writer’s block can “feel extraordinarily desperate for a songwriter” but that “in time, they emerge, leaping free of the unknown.”

Cave said: “In my experience, lyrics are almost always seemingly just not coming. This is the tearful ground zero of song writing — at least for some of us. This lack of motion, this sense of suspended powerlessness, can feel extraordinarily desperate for a songwriter.

“But the thing you must hold on to through these difficult periods, as hard as it may be, is this — when something’s not coming, it’s coming. It took me many years to learn this, and to this day I have trouble remembering it.”

Last month, Cave performed a virtual gig at London’s Alexandra Palace.

In a five star review of the show, NME said: “Bearing a title bleak even for such a prince of darkness, new song ‘Euthanasia’ slots in gracefully to the deeply emotive 21-song set. ‘I look for you underneath the damp earth / I look for you in the night sky,” croons Cave, grief-stricken. But there is hope here too and an eventual feeling of acceptance, of coming-to-terms with it all…

“Finishing with a stark but lovely ‘Galleon Ship’ – the only full song to be taken from 2019’s harrowing ‘Ghosteen’ tonight – Cave stands and silently trots off towards a shaft of light coming in through an open door. He might still be alone, but after a performance like that, we’re with him all the way.”