Nick Cave teases series of events to converse with fans

The musician has shared a letter to someone called Rachel

Nick Cave has teased a “series of events” that will allow him to talk directly to and with his fans.

The musician recently held a press conference to discuss his motivations behind playing two shows in Tel Aviv with The Bad Seeds. Artists such as Roger Waters and Thurston Moore had asked the band to cancel the gigs as part of an ongoing boycott of Israel.

Now, Cave has shared a letter to someone called Rachel, in which he said he has been “feeling for a while that I’d like to talk to people about things”. He continued: “I’m not sure what to do with that. I’ve sort of had this idea of doing some kind of interview, but I’m not sure that a regular press interview is the appropriate place to talk about certain things.”Nick Cave events


The letter went on to suggest a need to communicate “directly to people in a more personal way”. “There seems to be some sort of understanding that now exists with our audience,” Cave wrote. “The idea of an open dialogue with them seems a worthwhile thing to explore. Perhaps we might try and set up a series of events that are dialogues or conversations or something. Let things flow a little.”

Whatever Cave is planning, it appears it will be part of a tour. He concluded the note by asking “Rachel” what she thought of him taking the series on the road.

Last month, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds released the first trailer for Distant Sky, their forthcoming concert film which tells the story of one night on their European tour last year.

Captured at Copenhagen’s Royal Arena in October 2017, the new film will show the band performing recent cuts off latest album ‘Skeleton Tree‘, along with some of their most recognisable hits from a career spanning more than 30 years.