Listen to Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ remix of Toydrum’s ‘I’ve Got a Future’

The track features on a new album from the UNKLE side project Toydrum

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have reworked Toydrum’s ‘I’ve Got A Future’ – listen to the newly-remixed track below.

The new remix comes from Toydrum’s – the side project of UNKLE‘s Pablo Clements and James Griffith – latest album ‘My Eye On You (To Reinvision)’, which itself is a remix album. Clements and Griffith have previously stated that they’d enlisted “friends, peers and people we love to work with” to reimagine tracks from previous Toydrum albums ‘Distant Focus Vol. 1’ and ‘Evangelist’ for the new project.

Two of the “friends, peers and people we love to work with” who Toydrum have chosen for the new project are Cave and Ellis, who together have reworked the song ‘I’ve Got A Future’. The track features guest vocals from the late singer/songwriter Gavin Clark, who passed away in February 2015.


Listen to Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ reworking of Toydrum’s ‘I’ve Got A Future’ below.

Back in October, Cave and Ellis revealed the theme song to Ron Howard’s six-part series Mars, which later premiered in November. The duo also penned the soundtrack for the Jeff Bridges-starring Hell or High Water last year, adding to their already-high number of film credits – which includes the post-apocalyptic 2009 movie The Road.