Nick Cave jokes he was snubbed after he tried to blag the piano from his ‘Idiot Prayer’ show

He was even confused with Nicolas Cage in the process...

Nick Cave has joked that he unsuccessfully tried to land the piano he played during his Idiot Prayer show for free.

The Bad Seeds frontman played a Fazioli piano during the stunning gig – which was released last week and saw him performing to fans at home from an entirely empty Alexandra Palace.

In a post on his The Red Hand Files blog, Cave recalled how he instantly fell in love with the instrument after sitting down to play it for the first time.



“The moment I sat down at the Fazioli, its warm, soft, nuanced sound spoke to me like no piano had spoken to me before,” he wrote.

He went on to describe his current piano as “the same nasty little Chinese upright I have had for over thirty years”, before claiming that  he tried to rope in his manager to blag his very own Fazioli.

“So I said to my manager – Time to sell my soul. Time to make a call and get me a Fazioli. “My manager said – ‘Consider it done!'”

But Cave proved to be an unenviable task, with staff at the Italian instrument’s headquarters initially confusing Cave with actor Nicolas Cage, before later admitting they had never heard of him.

While an amusing anecdote, with Cave going on to explain how he was confused with actor Nicolas Cage, he’s now admitted he “embellished” the story somewhat.


He wrote: “It seems that some of my fans have reacted a little enthusiastically to my last Red Hand File and have contacted Fazioli ‘encouraging’ them to gift me a piano. While I appreciate the gesture, my post was a light-hearted piece and not to be taken seriously. The phone dialogue between my manager and the ‘woman from Fazioli’ was more than a little embellished for comic effect.

“The tsunami of mail has left our friends at Fazioli a little shaken, so while I love you all – no more mails to Fazioli please! They are wonderful people.”

In a five-star review of last week’s show, NME wrote: “Finishing with a stark but lovely ‘Galleon Ship’ – the only full song to be taken from 2019’s harrowing ‘Ghosteen’ tonight – Cave stands and silently trots off towards a shaft of light coming in through an open door. He might still be alone, but after a performance like that, we’re with him all the way.”