Rare Nick Drake tracks surface on ‘Family Tree’

Album includes family duets

Several rare and never-before-heard tracks by Nick Drake will be released on the forthcoming album, ‘Family Tree’.

Due out June 19, the album will feature 28 tracks including several that were recorded by the late singer-songwriter prior to his first album, as well as some rare covers.

The compilation also includes two songs performed by his mother, Molly, as well as a duet between Drake and his sister, Gabrielle.


A letter written by Gabrielle to her brother will also appear in ‘Family Tree’.

The tracklisting is:

‘Come In To The Garden’

‘They’re Leaving Me Behind’

‘Time Piece’

‘Poor Mum’ (Molly Drake)


‘Winter Is Gone’

‘All My Trials’ (Nick and Gabrielle Drake)

‘Kegelstatt Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano’ (Mozart)

‘Strolling Down the Highway’ (Bert Jansch)

‘Paddling In Rushmere’

‘Cocaine Blues’


‘Been Smokin’ Too Long’ (Robin Frederick)

‘Black Mountain Blues’ (Traditional)

‘Tomorrow Is A Long Time’ (Bob Dylan)

‘If You Leave Me’ (Dave Van Ronk)

‘Here Come The Blues’ (Jackson C. Frank)

‘Sketch 1’

‘Blues Run The Game’ (Jackson C. Frank)

‘My Baby So Sweet’

‘Milk And Honey’ (Jackson C. Frank)


‘Bird Flew By’


‘Strange Meeting II’

‘Day Is Done’

‘Come Into The Garden’

‘Way To Blue’

‘Do You Ever Remember?’ (Molly Drake)

Additional Drake releases are expected later this year. The ‘Fruit Tree Box Set’ will contain Drake‘s three original studio albums, a new book, and a DVD of the documentary ‘A Skin Too Few’.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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