Chad Kroeger dismisses ‘hilarious’ campaign to ban Nickelback from London

Londoner Craig Mandell has begun fund-raising drive

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger has dismissed a London man’s campaign to raise enough money to keep the band out of the city forever.

As previously reported, Craig Mandell is hoping to raise $1000 (£626), which he says will be enough to help ban the band from London for the foreseeable future.

Kroeger was asked about the fund-raising effort during a recent interview with The Pulse Of Radio (via Metal Hammer) and said that he finds the whole thing amusing. “I love it. More controversy that surrounds either myself, my personal life, the band, whatever – I think it’s hilarious,” he said.

“All these critics, they’re just tireless. They keep ragging on the band. If they had stopped writing all this stuff about us, there would be no controversy left in the band and we probably would have died out years ago. They don’t know that they’re still responsible for us being around today.”

Mandell set up a Tilt page – headed ‘Don’t Let Nickel Back’ with a message explaining that those who contribute to the scheme will have an email sent on their behalf to Nickelback’s management. The severity of the message in the email depends on how much money is contributed. Mandell has given himself until November 3 to raise the funds.

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