Watch Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defend Nickelback

The moment happened during a recent 'Daily Show' interview

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken out in support of Nickelback.

Nickelback hail from Alberta, Canada and in a recent interview with The Daily Show, correspondent Hasan Minhaj jokingly compared the threat of ISIS fighters getting into the US through Canadian borders as “the greatest Canadian terrorist threat since September 11, 2001 — the day Nickelback unleashed their breakthrough album ‘Silverside Up’ on America.”

Responding to the joke, Trudeau replied: “You know what? Nickelback’s alright”. Watch at the 7:20 mark below.


Meanwhile, Avril Lavigne also recently defended Nickelback, the band fronted by her estranged husband Chad Kroeger.

Lavigne and Kroeger married in July 2013 before announcing their split after two years of marriage in September 2015. Despite their break-up, the pair appear to have remained friends and recently were pictured making music together.

Lavigne called out critics of the rock group, specifically referring to a E! News story about a new survey that claimed the only thing people hate more than Nickelback is Donald Trump.

Taking to Twitter, Lavinge wrote: “Hey @ENews and everyone writing these articles… grow up… this is extremely rude and uncalled for”.