New study attempts to solve why everyone hates Nickelback so much

Chad Kroger and co faced a campaign to ban them from London - but why?

Nickelback are one of the most commercially successful Canadian bands of all time, having racked up 50 million album sales worldwide and came just behind The Beatles to be the second-best-selling foreign act in the US during the ‘00s.

So why does everyone hate them so much? The band faced a Kickstarter campaign attempting to ban them from London in 2014, which frontman Chad Kroger called “hilarious”. Then last year Australian police released a wanted poster, charging the band with ‘crimes against music’.

Now former Nickelback fan Salli Anttonen has put together a study which suggests that band is just too mainstream to be liked, as their music far too broad to fit any specific archetype.


Basing her findings on reviews between 2000 – 2014, the student found it to be an issue of “authenticity”, as reviews began by being positive, but grew more negative as the band found more success.

She told BBC News: “Nickelback is too much of everything to be enough of something…

“They follow genre expectations too well which is seen as empty imitation.”

Despite all the hatred Nickelback will embark on a European tour later this year, which will finish in the UK.