Comedy sketch advertising Nickelback app to the heartbroken goes viral – watch

Check in on the ex, get a blast of Kroeger and co through 'Nickelblock'

Canadian band Nickelback are the victims of a hoax app that aims to stop the brokenhearted from contacting their ex by ‘punishing’ them with the band’s music.

In the video advertisement promoting an ‘app’ called ‘Nickelblock’, two friends discuss the benefits of using the app to prevent attempted contact or online nostalgia. The fictional app replaces anything related to an ex with Nickelback-themed content.

The Canadian act have a history when it comes to being on the receiving end of mocking publicity. Previous moves have included a campaign to ban the band from the UK and Australian Police posting their picture together with a warning of “musical crimes to be committed in the area” ahead of a concert in Brisbane.


A recent study by Seatsmart, however, found Nickelback’s lyrics to be “more intelligent” than those of Foo Fighters and Linkin Park.


The band recently cancelled their UK tour to allow frontman Chad Kroeger to recover from vocal surgery, with Kroeger also recently surprising fans by saying that a mathematical formula led to his fame.

We’ll let the ‘app advert’ introduce itself.

“Getting over your ex isn’t easy. But fast acting Nickelblock is! Watch here to find out more”: