Nickelback face the wrath of the internet after teasing new announcement

The internet's favourite whipping boys have been punished again

Nickelback have unsurprisingly faced the wrath of the internet after teasing a new announcement that’s set to be made this Friday (August 14).

The maligned Canadian rockers tweeted yesterday “FRIDAY 8/14”, prompting speculation that they’re about to release their first new album in three years.

But instead of widespread excitement, the announcement just cemented their place as the internet’s favourite whipping boys.


One Twitter user responded: “You don’t have to do this.”

Another commented: “Hearing they’re going to release an album so bad, it’ll force coronavirus to leave the planet forever. Thanks, Nickelback.”

“Wait, so now Nickelback are dropping a song/ album? Jesus Christ 2020 calm down,” a third user joked.

But among the hate, there was a few who were willing to defend Chad Kroeger and co.


“Reminder that you people only hate Nickelback because it’s trendy and that they make bangers,” one fan wrote in defence. “This album is gonna slap.”

The band had previously planned to tour this summer to mark the 15th anniversary of their 2005 album ‘All The Right Reasons’, with an anniversary deluxe edition of the record set for release in October.

They have also previously said there is “no timeline” for the release of their 10th studio album, following the release of 2017’s ‘Feed The Machine’, but confirmed details of a new documentary earlier this year.