Nickelback reveal that they’re working on a new album

And they're taking their time because they don't want to make "a shitty record"

Nickelback bassist Mike Kroeger has revealed that the band are working on a new album.

Speaking to Tulsa Music Stream, Mike – who is the brother of frontman Chad Kroeger – confirmed that the Canadian rockers are currently working on the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Feed The Machine’.

“That is happening right now,” he said of the forthcoming LP. “Music is being composed and recorded up in Canada. We were out there, and something came up and our producer had to take some time off. So I took that opportunity to [return home] to Los Angeles with family and spend a little bit of time at home. But I’ll be headed back up there in a couple of weeks to pick it up again.”


When the subject of a release date came up, Mike said “it’ll be done when it’s done”, explaining that he and band would rather not be confined to a timescale for fear of making “a shitty record”.

Nickelback’s Mike Kroeger performing in 2014. CREDIT: Mike Windle/Getty Images

“Release dates are primarily arrived at by business interests, like record labels and whatever. We don’t have one of those,” he said. “We’ve been managing ourselves for about a year. So, the answer is no. We’re doing it on our schedule, at our own pace, and it’ll be done when it’s done. ‘Cause we’ve blown up deadlines in the past lots of times. Because we feel that you can make a good record and be late, but you can’t, or you shouldn’t, make a shitty record to be on time. So we won’t be pressed for time.

“And in this case, we don’t have to worry about that, ’cause we’re on our own schedule. We’re doing what we wanna do when we wanna do it. We’re paying for everything. Nobody can tell us what to do.”

While there’s no set date, Mike did say that the band are booking a tour for next summer and “so we’ll have to get some stuff squared away and out there to the people in advance of that.”


Earlier this year, Nickelback collaborated with a British group that turned the band’s song ‘Rockstar’ into a sea shanty.

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