Nickelback say a new documentary is “very close to being released”

Guitarist Ryan Peake shared the news on Twitter

Nickelback have provided more information on the forthcoming release of a new documentary in a Twitter post yesterday (April 7).

In the video, guitarist Ryan Peake reminds viewers the band had hinted at a documentary while on tour in 2018 in support of their ninth studio album ‘Feed The Machine’. Yesterday’s video saw Peake reveal the documentary as being “very close to being released… in the next month or two”.


The new video comes ahead of the band’s North American tour in June which will celebrate the 15th anniversary of their fifth studio album, ‘All The Right Reasons’. The album, which includes the band’s hit songs ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Photograph’, turns 15 on October 4.

Teasing the tour back in January, no postponements or cancellations due to the coronavirus have been announced, with American rock band Stone Temple Pilots still set to support on all dates.

Nickelback, who are currently self-isolating in Canada, have been encouraging fans to get creative while in isolation by promoting the #NickelbackRiffChallenge on Twitter, which asks fans to pick a Nickelback riff, play it in one take with no revisions and post the video online.

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