Nicki Minaj insists new song ‘We Miss You’ is not about her dead cousin – audio

Rapper takes to Twitter after track leaks online

Nicki Minaj has insisted a new song which has leaked online is not about her cousin who was killed earlier this week.

The track ‘We Miss You’ features lyrics that would suggest that the rapper is talking about Nicholas Telemaque, who was shot dead in Brooklyn, on Sunday night (July 3).

They read: “You said that you would leave these streets/And I know you didn’t mean in a body bag/But now you say you’re not bulletproof/And I’m mad, ’cause you’re the best that I ever had“.


But Minaj took to her Twitter page to clarify that the song, which you can listen to by scrolling down and clicking below, is not about her dead cousin.

“[Though] the lyrics of ‘We Miss You’ eerily depict the circumstances surrounding my cousin’s death, I wrote & recorded that song on 5/24/2010,” she wrote. “It was sent to Mariah Carey & Keyshia Cole over a year ago for a possible feature. It didn’t make ‘Pink Friday’ due to clearance issues.”

She also thanked her fans for their support following Telemaque‘s death.

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