Nicki Minaj’s ‘Good Morning America’ nip slip slammed by parenting group

Five second delay should've nipped 'wardrobe malfunction' in the bud, say campaigners

Good Morning America viewers should never have been allowed to see Nicki Minaj‘s exposed nipple, an enraged campaign group has argued.

The singer suffered the ‘wardrobe malfunction’ while performing as part of the US breakfast TV show’s Summer Concert Series on Friday (August 5). The incident has already become a big hit on YouTube, although full clips of the exposure are routinely being taken down by the video sharing site.

However, the Parents Television Council has argued that the racy footage should never even have made it to air, as the programme could have used a five-second delay to prevent such problems.


President of the group Tim Winter told

For the umpteenth time in recent memory a morning news show has included inappropriate content for children and families. Instead of asking for forgiveness, they need to stop apologizing and implement the five second delay that so many Americans have been calling for.

The incident has echoes of a similar ‘wardrobe malfunction’ suffered by Janet Jackson while she performed with Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl half-time show in 2004.

More than 500,000 TV viewers complained to US broadcaster CBS after Timberlake infamously ripped open Jackson’s clothing to reveal her right breast during the show.

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