Nicki Minaj: ‘to undermine my skill and diversity as an MC is actually comical’

Minaj got involved in a Twitter debate about female rappers

Nicki Minaj has taken to Twitter to defend herself after negative comments about her ability emerged in a debate about female rappers.

Bossip – a site which describes itself as “the premier destination for African-American pop culture and entertainment” – was hosting a debate about female rappers on its Twitter account, during which they retweeted comments about Minaj.

Minaj posted several tweets in response, saying:


“I’ve gone toe to toe w/ everyone of your favourite male MCs. To undermine my skill and diversity as an MC is actually comical at this point. I saw Bossip RTing ignorance, so I thought I’d put that out there. lol. The greats give me respect. The great journalists as well.”

She continues “If a male rapper was on tracks w/ Wayne, Jay, Eminem, Kanye etc. going round for round, he’d be hailed as a great as well. Jealousy is a disease. Not giving me my props doesn’t stop me from being great.”


One of the retweets mentions Minaj’s ass, to which the rapper responds: “To imply someone’s ass is the reason they get on tracks and hold their own with every great MC who is still alive 🙁 black people, do better lol”

Bossip later explained that their retweets didn’t mean they agreed with the views expressed.

Minaj recently revealed that she’s likely to be dropping a first free mixtape in six years in the near future, saying in the process that she’s hoping to set an example for female rappers.

She said: “I’ll definitely drop a mixtape. I have to,” adding “Well, I want to touch a couple of beats that I wasn’t on. I could have bodied a lot of the records that came out in the last year. But the main thing is, I have to set an example for female rappers. I’m at the top of that food chain, and it’s important to lead by example.”