Nicki Minaj helps stop ‘a number of brawls’ at California show

The 'Anaconda' singer had to stop her Concord Pavilion show after pepper spray was used on the crowd

Nicki Minaj had to abandon a show in California on Friday night (August 14), after it descended into a series of brawls and security used pepper spray on the crowd, reports say.

The show, part of The Print Pink Tour, stopped halfway through a song due to the fighting, according to TMZ. They also quote the local police, who say a 22-year-old man was arrested for assault on a security guard.

Videos posted on social media appear to show Minaj quite shaken by the incident, but assisting a girl who affected by the pepper spray from the stage. The fighting is thought to have been sparked by people pushing to get closer to the stage.


A Nicki Minaj news feed, @Nickireigns, tweeted a video of the aftermath of the pepper spray incident, showing Minaj asking the fan involved to come to the stage and asking security to give her some water.