Nicki Minaj performs at millionaire’s son’s bar mitzvah – watch

Matt Murstein is the son of Medallion Financial Corp mogul Andrew Murstein

Nicki Minaj made an appearance at a 13 year-old’s bar mitzvah party over the weekend in New York.

The singer and rapper for 150 children at The Pierre Hotel in Manhattan’s Upper East Side on Saturday (April 25). The event was held to mark the bar mitzvah of Medallion Financial Corp mogul Andrew Murstein’s son, Matt Murstein. Murstein Sr is thought to be worth in excess of £400,000,000 ($600,000,000).

As Billboard reports, Minaj played a six-song set, delivered a speech and stayed for a photo session with guests.

Minaj told the crowd: “Get an education. Stay in school. And don’t be a slouch or a bum. And ladies, never let a man have to take care of you. Do you understand me? Be your own woman. Be your own person.”

Watch photos and footage from the event below. It is estimated that booking Minaj for a performance would cost between £130,000 ($200,000) and £190,000 ($300,000).

With my new boy toy at his Bar Mitzvah. Hi Matt! 😩😊 Mazel Tov! ❤️

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Nicki Minaj recently appeared onstage with Drake at Coachella but failed to sing or say anything.

Despite making her way onto the stage during their ‘Pinkprint’ collaboration ‘Truffle Butter’, Minaj didn’t actually sing or say anything, instead walking the length of the stage and back before departing. Commenting on Minaj’s brief cameo, Drake told the crowd: “It’s been too long, mama. You gotta make some noise for the love of my life. I love this girl right here.”