Nicki Minaj: ‘I was disappointed at MIA’s Super Bowl gesture’

Rapper says she wouldn't have stirred controversy out of 'respect for Madonna'

Nicki Minaj has said that she was disappointed in MIA for flipping her middle finger during Madonna‘s Super Bowl performance earlier this month (February 5).

Minaj, who was performing with Madonna on her new single ‘Gimme All Your Luvin” alongside MIA, told Billboard that she had felt “disappointment” at the hand gesture because she thought it was disrespectful to the Queen of Pop.

“I’m a cuckoo lady, too, but I would never be able to do it off the strength of Madonna,” said the rapper. “There are fines that go into these things, and I just thought, ‘Oh my God, I hope they don’t penalize Madonna.’ Madonna knows the artist MIA is and it was her decision to take the risk with all of us. We’re all kind of firecrackers and she took that risk. She’s done some crazy things becoming the icon that she is, so I think that’s why she was able to forgive MIA.”

Minaj went on to add:

I love MIA and I don’t want to say anything that is the wrong thing, but me personally, I couldn’t see myself doing it, just for the respect for Madonna. I wouldn’t want any backlash to come back on Madonna.

Last week (February 10), Madonna criticised MIA’s antics and said “she wasn’t happy” about the controversy as it had ruined the show’s positive atmosphere.

She added: “It’s kind of a teenager irrelevant thing to do in one respect, but there was such a feeling of love and unity there so what was the point? It was just out of place.”

Minaj will release her new album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ on April 3. Earlier this month (February 2), the video for her new single, ‘Stupid Hoe’, was banned by US television network BET for supposedly being too raunchy – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to watch.