Nicki Minaj defends Britney Spears against “coward” Kevin Federline

"Leave her the fuck alone"

Nicki Minaj has defended Britney Spears and labelled her ex-husband Kevin Federline as a “coward”.

Over recent weeks, singer Federline has claimed that Britney’s sons Jayden James and Sean Preston are not comfortable being around her, and posted a video of Britney arguing with her sons.

Appearing on an Amp Livestream, Minaj defended Spears and said Federline was trying to “break [her] down” with his recent posts.


“Do you understand what kind of a clown you have to be to be a whole, grown fucking man, and as soon as you see somebody happy and getting married and moving on and being free and feeling good in their own skin, to do the very thing that you know is going to attempt to break them down?” she said.

“Only cowards use the media against a famous person who they once loved, they procreated with, they’re being taken care of by, they once were being taken care of by, using the person’s fame as this constant ‘gotcha’ moment… And you think you not gonna have fucking karma from it? You think it’s OK? You think that anybody is gonna feel sorry for you?”

Minaj added: “How dare you. How dare you encourage this woman’s children to be a part of your nonsense?” Minaj continued. “When they look back, they’re going to be like, ‘Why? Why? Why? Why did we do this?’ They’re kids. They don’t know how detrimental this is. But you know, cock sucker… Leave her the fuck alone.”

Elsewhere, Britney’s ex-husband, Jason Alexander, has accepted a plea deal in his felony stalking case after he infamously crashed the singer’s wedding back in June.

Spears married her third husband, Sam Asghari, on June 9 of this year. Mere hours before the ceremony begun, though, decorators were interrupted by Alexander – to whom Spears was married for just 55 hours in 2004 – who declared he was “here to crash the wedding”. He was arrested by Ventura County police on an outstanding warrant, and Spears was later granted a restraining order against him.


It was also confirmed earlier this month that Spears is gearing up to release a duet with Elton John titled ‘Hold Me Closer’ next Friday (August 26). The confirmation followed multiple claims that the pair were “secretly recording” a new version of John’s 1972 single ‘Tiny Dancer’.

Spears’ ninth and most recent studio album, ‘Glory’, came out in 2016. She released an outtake from that record, ‘Swimming In The Stars’, in late 2020 to mark her 39th birthday. The pop star revealed that she was working on new music in December 2021, a month after her controversial 13-year conservatorship was officially terminated.

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