Nicki Minaj has delayed the release of new album ‘Queen’ again

She had already pushed the release date back before to perfect the record

Nicki Minaj has delayed the release of her upcoming album ‘Queen’ for a second time.

The star was originally meant to put out her fourth studio album on June 15, but told fans they’d have to wait a little longer for it so she could get it right.

“Trust me, it’s the better choice,” she explained in an Instagram Live video, revealing the new release date of August 10. Now, she has confirmed ‘Queen’ will be out a week later than planned, with its current release date being August 17.


The delay was confirmed in a note she wrote on her Apple Music Takeover playlist, which concluded: “Can’t wait for you guys to hear my 4th album QUEEN ON AUGUST 17!!!!!!”

It has been reported that the delay this time is due to a sample clearance issue. Minaj is seeking permission from Tracy Chapman to include a sample of one of her songs on the album and tweeted last night (July 31) asking the musician “can you please hit me”.

The rapper also asked fans to vote on whether they would rather have the album released on August 10 and lose the song she was waiting for clearance on or wait a bit longer for it.

In a now-deleted tweet, she added: “Y’all gon get mad tea on that song too. I’m high key lookin out for y’all chile. It’s sum GOODT TEA TOO. I’d be willing to sacrifice one more week for this tea! But I haven’t decided. Ugh. Love you.” 


Recently, Minaj responded to claims that her sexual lyrics are “hypocritical”. One Twitter user called out the star for “slut-shaming” women in a recent interview and posted examples of her sexual lyrics.

“Suck my dick ASSHOLE,” she responded. “Had u read the article, I was critiquing MYSELF more than ANYTHING. What I SAID was: I HOPE my overt sexual LYRYCS & PHOTOS don’t make my fans THINK I’m telling them to be promiscuous & to know their worth!”