Nicki Minaj speaks out about sexism in hip-hop

“In any field, women must work TWICE as hard to even get HALF the respect."

Rap artist Nicki Minaj has spoken out against sexism in hip-hop.

Writing on Twitter Yesterday, the musician responded to a comment by the rapper Russ that, “People needa put more respect on @NICKIMINAJ name”.

“This was so nice of you my love, thank you,” wrote Minaj, before commenting that, “In any field, women must work TWICE as hard to even get HALF the respect her male counterparts get. When does this stop?”


She continued by suggesting that when she’d collaborated with artists, this hadn’t always been their choice, but instead the recommendation of their record label.

“The greats collaborated w/Drake, Kendrick & Jcole b/c they’re dope MC’s. They collab’d w/nicki cuz someone pulled a gun to their heads…” she said.


Minaj then dug up a seven year old Tweet by Kendrick Lamar stating that, “Moe niggaz hate nicki minaj than woman do.”

Quoting the Tweet, the rapper called the comments, “so telling. And scary.”

In October, Nicki Minaj was one of many female artists to congratulate Cardi B on becoming the first solo female rap artist in 19 years to reach number one in the US Billboard charts.

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Yesterday, Minaj wrote on Instagram that Kanye West’s track ‘Monster’, on which she guest raps, was almost cut from ‘My Dark Twisted Fantasy’. Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Bon Iver also worked on the single.

“Kanye called me to tell me Jay put a verse on this song & that he was still deciding if he would put it on his album,” Minaj wrote. “It was like an hour-long call where I tried to convince him to let the song stay on his album.

“He felt this verse would end up being the talk of the album. I said: ‘YOU’RE KANYE WEST!!!!’,” she revealed, before later adding: “Kanye, thank you for being the genius you are. You always put others first.”

The single went on to achieve US platinum status and became a breakout track for Minaj.