Nicki Minaj hits out at ‘racist’ artist for Serena Williams cartoon

"He’s getting my 'cocksucker of the day award'"

Nicki Minaj has hit out at an Australian cartoonist for his “racist” depiction of Serena Williams’ controversial behaviour at the US Open.

The rapper described Mark Knight as “cocksucker of the week” after he drew his interpretation of the incident for The Herald Sun newspaper.

Knight’s cartoon came after Serena faced a £13,000 fine for repeatedly criticising umpire Carlos Ramos on Saturday before she then called him a “thief”, smashed her racquet and then demanded an apology.


In the illustration, Serena is seen launching a mid-match tantrum. She appears with exaggerated biceps and lips – leading to accusations that the cartoon is “racist”.

Critics have also pointed out the fact that Serena’s Japanese opponent, Naomi Osaka, is depicted as white with blonde hair, while the Portuguese Ramos has also been drawn white.

Speaking on her Beats 1 Queen Radio show, Minaj said: “Every time you see a black woman not agree with something going on…they’re labelled as angry or having a meltdown.

“This needs to stop.”

Calling out Knight, she said: “I want to name the cartoonist, who is it? I have to, I’m sorry.


“He’s getting my ‘cocksucker of the day award’ because he made a cartoon illustrating Serena, by the way, our culture loves this body, homegrown, au naturale, we love her body, and you drew this woman looking like you were trying to make fun of her.

“Black women are not allowed to say they’re being mistreated without being told they’re on drugs, having a meltdown, they’re a sore loser, bitter, miserable… give me a fucking break.”

Defending Serena, she said: “We are not allowing this to be done… any more. She demonstrated grace, she demonstrated passion. There is a difference between passion and a fucking meltdown.

“Why the fuck is everyone allowed to be passionate apart from black women?”

The same show also saw Minaj opening up on her feud with Cardi B.