Nicki Minaj reveals what happened to her Kanye West collaboration ‘New Body’

"‘New Body’ was the biggest hit record that never came out"

Nicki Minaj has spoken about ‘New Body’, her unreleased collaboration with Kanye West that was originally recorded for his scrapped album ‘Yandhi’.

The track was then reworked to be included on West’s ninth studio album ‘Jesus Is King’ and was previewed at various listening parties for the record. However, ‘New Body’ was taken off the tracklisting shortly before ‘Jesus Is King’ was released after reports of “creative differences” between Minaj and West.

The song did leak online in 2019, though, and the following year Minaj said she would speak to Kanye about giving it a proper release.


In a new interview with Hot 106, Minaj has now said: “The public adored ‘New Body.’ Like, ‘New Body’ was the biggest hit record that never came out.”

She went on to say that West made her rewrite the song numerous times to fit into ‘Jesus Is King’’s more religious imagery.

“So what I thought was interesting was that Kanye made me write my ‘New Body’ verse four times over in order to fit into where he was creatively and spiritually in his life, right, only then do I go on the internet a few months later to see him on Drink Champs, rolling a blunt and smoking or whatever he was doing.

“I missed it by a year, I guess,” continued Minaj. “Had ‘New Body’ been out when he was not in his gospel era, then it would’ve seen the light of day. But, it didn’t, so it wasn’t meant to be. Everybody knows that was the hit that got away.”

“What if you get the call for ‘DONDA 2‘” the host then asked Minaj, who replied: “I think the ship has sailed for ‘New Body’ because everybody has come to love the original way they heard it so I’ll just let everybody have that in their hearts. It is what it is. Sometimes stuff happens like that in our world. You can’t predict how things are going to be presented to the world.”


West has revealed that ‘DONDA 2’ will be released on February 22 and will be executive produced by Future. It’s also been confirmed that Marilyn Manson is working on the record.

Minaj has also announced details of a new collaborative single with Lil Baby – ‘Do We Have A Problem’ is landing on Friday (February 4). The material follows the track ‘Boyz’, a collaboration with former Little Mix member Jesy Nelson, which came out last October.

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