Nicki Minaj says Jay-Z inspired her to rewrite ‘LLC’

She also revealed she plans to update 'Ganja Burn' with a new hook

Nicki Minaj has revealed Jay-Z inspired her to rewrite ‘LLC’.

The track features on her new album ‘Queen‘, which was released yesterday (August 10). The rapper launched the album a week early with the second episode of her new Beats 1 radio show, Queen Radio.

During the programme, Minaj gave fans some insight to the record and its songs. Speaking about ‘LLC’, she said Jay-Z had visited her in the studio to listen to it and told her she “went hard on the third verse.”


“Because he said third and not the whole record, I rewrote the whole fucking song,” she explained. Now, she said she regards it as one of her favourites on ‘Queen’ “for skill, breath control, precision, wittiness, and raising the bar.”

Minaj isn’t as satisfied with album opener ‘Ganja Burns’, though. In the early hours of this morning (August 11), she tweeted: “Just listened to #GangaBurns after a long day & realised that I hate how low I made the hook. Gotta get it swapped out.

“That’s like my fave song & I can’t let it go out like that,” she added. “Plus I was so sleep deprived I wrote burns instead of burn when they were stressing me 4 tracklist.”

‘Queen’ also features a track called ‘Barbie Dreams’, on which Minaj calls out several rappers, including Drake, DJ Khaled, and her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill. The star insisted it wasn’t a diss track, though.


“You guys know that’s not a diss, right,” she said. “I love them. I said things about people who can take a joke and not be emotional about it.”

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