Nicki Minaj slammed for ‘mocking mentally ill woman’

'How is this even funny?'

Nicki Minaj has come under fire for sharing footage that some claim shows her mocking a mentally ill woman.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper posted a video that showed her laughing at calling after a woman in the street, as she tells her to “go away” and that she “doesn’t need her help”.

While what happened before the video starts remains unknown, several people commenting on the video from Miami’s South Beach claim that the woman is well-know in the area as mentally ill – however this has not been confirmed.

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Over 10,000 comments have been posted on the video so far – with some disputing the claims that the woman was mentally ill and that Minaj was aware, while others blasted her behaviour as ‘inexcusable’.

“How is this even funny?” wrote one follower. “Like why target someone whom isn’t even on your status? Yeah, Nicki you def [sic] lost points and respect for this one…this isn’t right.”

Another fan added: “She had enough money to get that women [sic] help…but she chose instead to humiliate them online.”

Meanwhile, the the Miami division of The National Alliance on Mental Illness commented: “Nobody would make fun of a cancer patient, and mental illness is an illness like any other.”

Minaj is yet to respond to the claims.


For more help and information on mental health issues and awareness, visit MIND.

Meanwhile, Minaj recently hit back at Sharon Osborne for criticising her ‘Anaconda’ music video as ‘cheap porno‘.