Nicki Minaj slams fashion designer: “The racism and disrespect won’t be tolerated”

The rapper isn't happy with Giuseppe Zanotti after he named his latest range of shoes after her without her permission

Nicki Minaj has publicly slammed fashion designer Giuseppe Zanotti, accusing him of “racism and disrespect” in a row over his the designer’s latest range of shoes.

The Trinidad-born artist took to her social media channels earlier today (February 3) to call out Zanotti, who has named a number of items from his latest collection of footwear ‘Nicki’. Minaj claimed that, after having met and been praised by Zanotti a few years ago, his team has since refused to collaborate with her on a range of shoes – but this hasn’t stopped Zanotti from using her name for his merchandise.

“I met Giuseppe Zanotti years ago,” she wrote on Twitter. “At which time, he told me I inspired him to design a sneaker in my honor. Wore them on the cover of Cosmo. Recently when he gave other artists capsule collections, my agency reached out and was told they’re not taking our call.

“Just go on Google, you’ll see all the different pairs he’s named after me. Lil black girl can inspire you but ain’t worth a collection my nig?”

She then implored her fans to generate attention towards the falling-out, stating: “The racism and disrespect won’t be tolerated.”

See the tweets below.

Minaj’s latest tweet about the saga appears to confirm that Zanotti’s website have now removed all ‘Nicki’ shoes from its inventory.

Earlier this week, it was widely reported that Minaj had $175,000 worth of jewellery and other items stolen from her property.