Nicolas Cage fears that memes will ruin his latest movie

He's not a fan of "Cage Rage".

Nicolas Cage has revealed how he fears that memes could ruin new horror movie Mandy.

The cult actor has become a beloved figure online in recent years – leading to a phenomenon dubbed “Cage Rage” that sees clips of the actor being placed in out-of-context scenarios.

One of the most popular examples, for instance, is a widely shared clip of Cage being attacked by a swarm of bees in 2005’s The Wicker Man.


Another sees Cage’s performance in Vampire Kiss being singled out for an unusual facial expression, as seen below.

Now, he’s hoping that the “memeification” won’t have a direct impact on Mandy – which sees Cage star as a vigilante who wreaks revenge after his girlfriend is abducted by a murderous cult.

“The issue is, with the advent of the internet, doing these mashups, where they pull these choice moments without the context of the whole film around it to support it, has created this meme-ification, if you will”, he told IndieWire.


“It’s been branded ‘Cage Rage,’ and it’s frustrating. I’m sure it’s frustrating for [director] Panos Cosmatos, who has made what I consider a very lyrical, internal, and poetic work of art, to have this ‘Cage Rage’ thing slammed all over his movie.

“It’s one thing for me, because I’d like to think I could continue to work with Panos, but the internet has kind of done the movie a disservice.”

When asked if his popularity has already affected the film, he added: “I think that [Mandy hasn’t] been given perhaps a fair viewing by virtue of the fact that the internet has mashed them up with these moments that have been cherry-picked, that aren’t really in the context of the character or how the character got there. I have to be honest. ”

Although Mandy will hit UK screens in October, it’s secured a positive reaction in America – currently boasting a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.