Nigel Farage labels Noel Gallagher a “legend” for anti-Corbyn comments

Former UKIP leader previously called Noel a "lad"

Nigel Farage has taken to Twitter to call Noel Gallagher a “legend” after the former Oasis man slammed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking in a recent interview, Gallagher said: “Fuck Jeremy Corbyn. He’s a Communist”.

Responding to Noel’s comments on social media, the ex-UKIP leader tweeted: “Last week I called @NoelGallagher a lad. Now it’s time to call him a legend.”

Farage had previously called Noel a “lad” for telling Brexit remainers to “fucking get over it”.

In a separate interview earlier this month, Gallagher said that while he didn’t vote in the EU referendum, and agreed more with the Remain camp, he now feels that there’s been too much “noise” in the aftermath, saying that people should “fucking get over it”.

Gallagher has previously spoken out against Farage, saying of the right-wing politician: “He doesn’t look like he could be mentally capable of running a corner shop, far less a fucking country.”

Noel Gallagher released his new High Flying Birds album ‘Who Built the Moon?’ last week (November 24). Read the NME review here.

NME‘s Mark Beaumont writes of Gallagher’s LP: “It’s Noel’s freewheeling solo freedom and return-to-mega-form song-writing that makes this amongst the albums of the year. Noel shoots for ‘…The Moon’, and strikes bullseye.”