Nightnurse are the first British band to make an MP3 single release over the Internet...

Nightnurse – the London band that used to boast ASH guitarist Charlotte Hatherley in its line-up – has become the first band in the UK to release a single over the Internet in the new MP3 sound format.

The single, the double A-side ‘IDF/Big Sleep’ is released on October 26 through S16 Records. There will be a conventional single, but it is to be deleted the same day. The MP3 single will be able to be downloaded from Nightnurse’s site on the day at

MP3 is a new sound format that allows sound files to be attached to e-mails and for copies to be made on computers. The sound reproduction is close to CD quality at a fraction of the file size. They are technically illegal, and Nightnurse’s single marks the first time a band has allowed its sound to be made available on the new software.


Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, the band are playing a handful of live gigs at the end of October at: Maidstone The Union Bar (October 24), London Kings Cross Water Rats (28) and Bedford Esquires (31).

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