BBC Radio 1 DJ Nihal hits out at rap battle MC for rape lyrics

The DJ joined in battle he was judging after hearing the offensive lyrics

BBC Radio 1 DJ Nihal hit out at a rap battle MC after his verse in a contest included lyrics about rape, reports the Independent.

The DJ and presenter was supposed to be judging the Jump Off rap battle at London’s Scala when MC and contestant Lighte The Boombox Genie rapped about raping his female opponent.

Nihal took offence to the lyrics “No sexercise bitch. After this, in the alley, you gonna get raped” and jumped on stage to take their creator on. “What the fuck you fat idiot, didn’t you have a mum, didn’t you have a sister, why are you so dumb?,” he rapped as the crowd cheered him on. “Misogynistic prick, talking you think you’re sick. You fat fucking idiot rapping on this chick. This is the jump off, this is the big stage, this is Nihal, feel this fucking rage, you fat fuck.”

He concluded: “What happens when you shave? You cut yourself out comes gravy and lard, you’re not brave.” You can watch footage of the clash at the top of the page.