Nile Rodgers breaks nose after falling in studio

Chic icon shares video showing aftermath of fall

Nile Rodgers says he has broken his nose after suffering a fall in his studio.

The Chic leader recently shared a video on social media of himself holding tissues to his nose as he huddled over a pool of blood.

“I think we better go to the hospital bro,” Rodgers says in the clip.


He captioned the video: “Who’s life is more #crazy than mine? I broke my nose tripping on the top stair of my studio”.

Rodgers later tweeted an update, saying that he was “going to be fine”: “Sometime I assume too much. Here: I have a foldable ice pack and have already stopped the bleeding. When I arrived at the hospital the Dr. said, ‘I did everything right.’ I’m going to be fine even w the broken nose.”

See Rodgers’ posts below. They aren’t for the squeamish.

Who’s life is more #crazy than mine? I broke my nose tripping on the top stair of my studio Nile Rodgers

Posted by Nile Rodgers on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Late last year, Rodgers discussed his cancer scare, revealing that he was in “100% recovery”.


The disco legend was hospitalised in August 2017, with Rodgers later revealing that doctors discovered a “mysterious growth” that turned out to be “two different cancers within one mass”.

The Chic co-founder went on to say that his prognosis is “100% recovery” and that he was looking forward to returning to the stage in 2018.

“What will happen next year is beyond any of my wildest dreams,” Rodgers wrote.

Watch Rodgers discuss his friendship with the late Chris Cornell in the video above.