Nile Rodgers reveals that he scrapped a Chic song about Prince following his death

The founder of Chic had written a track about the late artist for the forthcoming LP 'It's About Time' - the band's first album in 25 years

Nile Rodgers has revealed that he scrapped a song he’d written about Prince for the forthcoming Chic album as “it felt wrong” to include it following the artist’s death last year.

The founder of Chic is gearing up to release the band’s first album in 25 years later this year with ‘It’s About Time’. It’ll be their first full-length record since 1992’s ‘Chic-ism’.

Speaking about the new release, Rodgers said that one provisional track on the album had the working title ‘Prince Said It’, which was about the “conversations” he’d had with the late artist.


“From the time that I started to work on this album, a lot of heavy things have happened,” Rodgers told Pitchfork. “I mean, David Bowie died. Prince died. People who were really, really close to me passed away, and that wasn’t supposed to be part of the narrative. The narrative was about working with these people—about having good times with them, you know?

“The last two times I saw Prince was playing on stage with him and then him coming to my show,” he continued. “So the album was talking about that. As a matter of fact, there is a song on the album that the working title is ‘Prince Said It,’ and it was about my conversations with Prince. But after he passed away, it felt wrong. It felt uncomfortable.”

Rodgers and Chic played a triumphant set on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury yesterday (June 25), which at one point saw the frontman elatedly reflect on being cancer-free following a previous diagnosis of a form of “extremely aggressive cancer” six years ago.