Nile Rodgers reveals Bruno Mars told him how to make their collab a hit

Chic legend admits he tried making their forthcoming song 'too clever'

Chic legend Nile Rodgers has revealed how Bruno Mars had to remind him how to make their forthcoming collaboration sound like a hit song.

The pair have been working together on a song at Abbey Road Studios together with Anderson .Paak for Rodgers’ new album.

Rodgers admitted he tried to make the song “really clever” when they began working on the track.


Speaking to Two Shot Podcast, Rodgers said: “I was doing what I thought were really clever jazz chords. They were amazing and I was so thrilled. But Bruno said ‘Hey Nile, you know that first chord you’re starting with? You’ve got to change that if you want it to be a hit.'”

Rodgers said he took Mars’ advice on board, having given many of his other artists similar advice down the years.

The producer said: “God knows he was right, because I’ve done that so many times to other people. I went home, changed the chord and changed the name of the song to ‘Listen To Bruno’.”

The song is expected to be included on Rodgers’ follow-up to last year’s Chic album ‘It’s About Time’. Rodgers told The Daily Star in January the new album is also likely to feature Robert Plant and Jorja Smith.


In The Two Shot Podcast interview, recorded at Kendal Calling, Rodgers said not all musicians listen to his advice. He told podcast host, actor Craig Parkinson: “You’d be shocked how many people I’ve given advice to and they’ve gone ‘Nah’.”

Rodgers recalled getting fired by Shakira just one day into a planned recording session. Rodgers revealed: “I told Shakira ‘Rememeber how I said we should start the song with the chorus?’ and she fired me. I tried to give her an example and said ‘Every record you know of mine starts ‘One, two…’ and goes into ‘Le Freak’ or ‘We Are Family’ or ‘Let’s Dance.’ Every one of my songs you like starts with the chorus.’ But she wasn’t buying it and I got fired right after the meeting.”

Answering questions put by artists including The Charlatans, Matt Berry, Jacqui Abbott and Sleaford Mods, Rodgers also recalled how he made Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’ and David Bowie’s ‘Let Dance’ albums so quickly and why he’s keen to work with Drake.



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