Nile Rodgers announces new Chic album ‘It’s About Time’

Timed to mark the 40th anniversary of the band.

Nile Rodgers has announced the first new Chic album in 25 years, fittingly titled ‘It’s About Time’.

In a post on his website, Rodgers revealed that the band’s follow-up to 1992’s ‘Chic-Ism’ was originally scheduled for a summer 2015 release but was pushed back two years in a row.

Rodgers goes on to explain that he was forced to delay putting the record out till next year because he “couldn’t release an album about the joy of life in a year of so many deaths”. Instead, ‘It’s About Time’ will arrive in time for the 40-year anniversary of the band’s formation as well as the 40-year anniversary of Studio 54’s opening.


Detailing his plans for Chic, Rodgers writes: “In 2017, we will pay homage to the club that put us on the international map by doing a series of concerts, afterparties, VIP Packages, films and singles – then drop the full album along with a BIG SURPRISE!”

Elsewhere in the message, Rodgers talks about the impact Prince and David Bowie’s deaths had on him.

“The year had barely started when David Bowie passed away. Though I’ve done dozens of albums with god knows how many superstars, David and ‘Let’s Dance’ is one of the highest plateaus in my career,” he writes.

“When Prince suddenly died, it was like I’d been struck by lighting twice,” he added. Read the full post here.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Rodgers said that he hopes ‘It’s About Time’ offers some hope in dark times.

“I feel like I’m at the breaking point. The only thing that counterbalances that much negativity is superimposing a massive amount of positivity,” he told the magazine. “That’s the only way the scales get even. You can’t do just a little trickle; you’ve got to go all in. So [2017] is ‘party year’ for us. Like, big time. It’s insane.”