Nine Black Alps return with track money can’t ‘buy’

Download band's new track 'Buy Nothing' on NME.COM now

Nine Black Alps are making their return, by giving away their comeback track on NME.COM.

The band have made ‘Buy Nothing’ available via our Daily Download Blog – it’s the first cut from their forthcoming third album, which the group recorded in Manchester with Manic Street Preachers producer Dave Eringa.

“We could hardly try and sell a song called ‘Buy Nothing’, could we?” the band’s Martin Cohen joked with NME.COM.


“This tune, or the main riff at least, started out as a bit of a joke song called ‘Son Of A Bitch’ which we never intended to leave the practice room, but we liked the riff and sort of morphed it into this song,” he added.

“The lyrics were inspired from a long van ride where one of our crew started ranting about self-sufficiency, and being generally anti-capitalist. that was well over a year ago, before all the financial crisis stuff. That’s pretty weird now, with what’s happening.”

Cohen also revealed that the band’s new album saw them try out a few new things in the studio

“We recorded all the music for the new record live which for some stupid reasons we’d never done before,” he explained. “It’s definitely got that slightly messy, slightly unhinged power. We’re just looking forward to getting back in the van and playing some shows.”

Download ‘Buy Nothing’ now at NME.COM/blog.