Nine Inch Nails drummer off the road

Jerome Dillon is hospitalised

Nine Inch Nails drummer Jerome Dillon was hospitalised for the second time following the band’s recent show in Sacramento on Wednesday night (September 28).

The band were playing at the city’s Arco Arena when the incident occurred.

Frontman Trent Reznor posted on the band’s official website , saying: “As I’m walking to the bus to leave Sacramento as soon as I can, I learn Jerome


is back in the hospital. I have no idea what this means.”

A press statement issued yesterday read: “Dillon is returning to Los Angeles immediately to undergo tests for problems related to a heart condition discovered earlier this month while on tour.”

The band were forced to cut short the opening show of their current US tour in San Diego on September 16 when Dillon suffered a medical emergency.

Speaking to crowd, Reznor said: “Here’s what’s up, no bullshit. Jerome came to me and said, ‘My heart is pounding and I’m having chest pains’. We’re all kind of freaked out back here.”

The drummer was unable to continue with the rest of the show and it was postponed until November 20. The next night’s gig in Tucson, Arizona was also cancelled.

However, Dillon later posted on the band’s website saying “Fatigue and exhaustion are to blame for what happened with me the other night. Incidentally, I did not experience ‘chest pains’- but I did spend the night at the hospital for observation. I received a clean bill of health the next morning and could not get back on the bus fast enough.”


Nine Inch Nails have been forced to postpone tonight’s show at Oakland’s Coliseum, which will now take place on November 19.

In a new statement from Reznor has said that Dillon’s health problems are nothing to do with either drink or drugs, saying: “Jerome Dillon does not have a drinking or drug problem.

His illness is not the result of abuse, nor are there any purposefully vague statements about what’s really going on with him. I am sure he is as frustrated and upset with the situation as everybody else. This is not his fault.”

He added: “Jerome is a great drummer and a great guy. We all wish him the best and hope to see him behind the drums again soon. At the present time, his performing live with us places him in a potentially very harmful situation.”