Nine Inch Nails upload onstage HD footage from their last UK show – video

Videos from their London O2 Arena show now online

Nine Inch Nails have uploaded two onstage HD videos from their last UK show and you can see them by scrolling down here.

The videos, which both feature Gary Numan, were shot during the band’s show at London‘s O2 Arena in July and were posted on the band’s official website.

“We’re beginning work on a variety of things NIN and not-NIN related that we’ll inform you of when the time is right,” singer Trent Reznor explained on “Check back from time to time and who knows what you’ll find,” he added.

Reznor, who is reported to be working on a collaboration with Gary Numan, finished the entry by posting the videos.

The band, who played their final ever show together last month in Los Angeles, have called it a day after more than 20 years together.

‘Metal’ with Gary Numan

‘Cars’ with Gary Numan