And frontman Trent Reznor breaks his silence about his outfit's first album in five years...

NINE INCH NAILS will release their new album this year, and helmsman TRENT REZNOR has broken his silence about the project.

Reznor is currently working on ‘Bleed Through’ with veteran producer Rick Rubin, according to MTV, and spoke about the album during an online discussion with members of the Nine Inch Nails mailing list.

He described the follow-up to 1999’s ‘The Fragile’ as more “brutal” and “minimal” than its predecessor, as well as revealing some of the secrets of its recording.

Reznor said: “I’m approaching this record from a totally different mindset and strategy than (previous album) ‘The Fragile’. Every record I’ve done has reflected where I’ve been at as a person when it was done, for better or worse. What is coming out of my head now seems to (come) from a very different place than the last record.”

He added: “One of the rules of this record has been to orchestrate using only monophonic voices. No chords. Anywhere. Most of the synthesis has been done with a rather elaborate and ever-growing modular rig and recorded liveā€¦ editing and correcting is avoided, if possible (and) whole takes are encouraged as opposed to looping.”