The industrial legends play some new stuff - and some old classics too...

[url=]NINE INCH NAILS brought their comeback double header to an astonishing climax in LONDON last night (March 31).

The industrial legends, led by Trent Reznor, played two nights at the Astoria, to preview hotly anticipated new album ‘Halo 19: With Teeth’, released on May 2.

Reznor was joined by a new [/a] guitarist Aaron North and bass player Jeordie White, best known for his time as Twiggy Ramirez in [url=]Marilyn Manson’s band.


The band played new tracks ‘You Know What You Are?’, ‘The Line Begins To Blur’ and new single ‘The Hand That Feeds’.

But the biggest cheer of the night was reserved for ‘Hurt’, the closing track from 1994’s ‘The Downward Spiral’, which has since taken on a further legendary status since it was covered by an elderly [a][/a] and became the late country singer’s epitaph.

The show ended with the classics ‘Starfuckers Inc.’ and ‘Head Like A Hole’.

The setlist was:

’The Frail’ / ‘The Wretched’

’You Know What You Are?’


’March Of The Pigs’

’The Line Begins To Blur’


’Terrible Lie’




’The Big Come Down’

’Gave Up’

’The Day The World Went Away’


’Even Deeper’



’The Hand That Feeds’

’Starfuckers Inc’

’Head Like A Hole’

[url=]Nine Inch Nails return to the UK for a sold-out tour in July.