Almost half of the 9,000-strong crowd at The Lost Weekend demand their money back...

Nine Inch Nails‘ cancellation of their scheduled headlining slot at the LOST WEEKEND event on Saturday (July 1) led to a clearout of the venue, with almost half the audience seeking a refund.

Almost 4,000 of the estimated 9,000 disappointed ticket holders are believed to have claimed back their #20 admission fee at London Docklands Arena.

A spokesperson for the event said the figures were very close estimates, as final figures were yet to be collated.


Nine Inch Nails cancelled at the eleventh hour, citing illness of drummer Jerome Dillon as the cause. A spokesperson for the band confirmed this morning (June 3) that Dillon had a bout of acute gastro-enteritis, leaving him incapable of playing. Nine Inch Nails had played in Berlin the previous evening and at the tragedy hit Roskilde festival in Denmark on Thursday. Events at Roskilde were not a factor in their decision to pull the plug, said the spokesperson.

Ash were left to headline on Saturday night following Queen Adreena, A Perfect Circle and others at the heavy rock show.

The spokesperson for The Lost Weekend said attendances were up again the following day for Skunk Anansie, Rollins Band, Therapy? and others but because many people had obviously been intent on seeing Nine Inch Nails they didn’t get reach quite as high as 9,000.

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