And - get this - Trent Reznor is looking for females to join in the fun...

TRENT REZNOR has revealed details of NINE INCH NAILS? new material, which he describes as “much more aggressive and icy” than their last offering.

And he has given female fans the chance to audition for the band, saying he wants a woman?s touch on the new album.

In this week?s Kerrang!, he says: “I?d like to find someone whose views I could be sympathetic to. Potential singers can send their stuff to my website at [url=]


Reznor said that there was no comparison between their new material and 2000?s ?The Fragile?. “Right now, it?s the opposite of ?The Fragile?. It?s got less guitar and more electronic stuff. But it?s much more aggressive and violent.”

He also confirmed rumours of his outside project Tapeworm, which will include a collaboration with Tool/A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan and some of his NIN compadres. “We have a lot of material waiting to be finished. I need to put the band?s parameters in stone. I don?t want it to be 10 songs with 10 different singers that sound like 10 different bands.”

He continued: “Maynard sings with me on one metallic song. My wish list would also include Phil from Pantera. He does vocals for [them] in Nothing Studios [linked to Reznor?s record label of the same name] and we?re friends, but I can?t tell you for sure whether he?ll be a part of Tapeworm.”

He also said that a live NIN album will be released “in the first part of 2001” alongside a DVD and video of the gigs from their American tour this year.

He also dismissed the so-called “feud” between himself and Limp Bizkit?s Fred Durst as “almost comical.” Durst imitated NIN?s?Closer? on ?Hot Dog? off Limp Bizkit?s new album ?Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water?. Reznor said: “Fred lifted choruses off three or four songs of mine then when his record was going to print, realised ?Fuck, I?d better ask permission first or I might get sued!? I let him do it ? I wasn?t gonna hold his record up.”

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