Trent Reznor hints that new Nine Inch Nails EP is coming next week

It would follow on from last December's 'Not The Actual Events' EP

Nine Inch Nails band leader Trent Reznor has suggested that something mysterious is coming next week, leading to speculation that the group will release a new EP.

Last month saw the band announce that they will release a new EP before their summer tour begins on July 23. “NEXT WEEK,” Reznor has now tweeted (see that beneath).

NiN released their ‘Not The Actual Events’ EP last December and have confirmed that the third part of their EP trilogy will follow “6-8 months” after the second instalment.


Nine Inch Nails released their most recent album ‘Hesitation Marks’ in 2013.

Nine Inch Nails recently made a guest appearance on Twin Peaks, performing ‘She’s Gone Away’ in the background of a dimly lit bar.

Trent Reznor also recently revealed he feels regret for his very public criticism of one of Chris Cornell‘s solo albums. Released in 2009, ‘Scream’ was a collaboration between Cornell and pioneering hip-hop producer Timbaland. Shortly after the album dropped, the Nine Inch Nails frontman tweeted: “You know that feeling you get when somebody embarrasses themselves so badly YOU feel uncomfortable? Heard Chris Cornell’s record? Jesus.”

Recalling how he felt about the album at the time, Reznor told Rolling Stone after Cornell’s death: “Seeing Chris do that record felt like a blow to me. I thought, ‘He’s above that, man. He’s one of the 10 best vocalists of our time.'” However, he also admitted he “immediately regretted” posting the tweet, adding that he later wrote Cornell a letter apologising for it.


“He was very cool and generous about it – ‘It’s the past, fuck it. Let’s go on.’ The Chris I met on that tour was a gentleman that completely had his shit together,” Reznor said.