Trent Reznor says he doesn’t know what the final part of Nine Inch Nails’ EP trilogy will sound like

The band's latest EP 'Add Violence' - the second in the trilogy - was announced today, and will be released on July 21

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has admitted that he still doesn’t know what the final part of the band’s ongoing EP trilogy will sound like.

The band announced their latest release, ‘Add Violence’, today (July 13), with the EP scheduled for release on July 21. The new five-track project is the second of a Nine Inch Nails trilogy of EPs, following last December’s ‘Not The Actual Events’.

Speaking to Beats 1’s Zane Lowe earlier today, Reznor revealed that the band have yet to arrive at a sound for the series’ final EP.


“I’ll tell you the blueprint of this suite of records has been starting with the kind of script – the lyrical construct, the world that they sit in,” Reznor explained. “And then, really following inspiration in the studio to find out musically kind of feels inspiring at that time. When we did ‘Not the Actual Events,’ we were really seduced by the violence of it. The kind of throwing ‘Hesitation Marks’ out the window and being unafraid to explore approaches we have in the past with the kind of, you know, punch in the face feel to it.

“And I think that the length of a five-song EP felt like the right length for that, you know? And to repeat that isn’t as exciting anymore,” he continued. “It’s like we did that. So now as we expand the lyrical viewpoint of this three song trilogy, the music that was interesting to us this time around kind of surprised us. And ‘Less Than’ is not entirely representative of where the rest of the EP goes. So this collection of five songs feels like brothers.

“I have no idea what the last part of this will be. I know lyrically where it goes, but I don’t know what it’s going to sound like yet.”

Add Violence

Reznor also said that there’s “zero percent done aside from some lyrics in a notebook” when it came to the final EP of the trilogy.

“Really, the main factor would be if it is ready, if it feels like it has fully formed,” he explained. “And the other kind of more controllable aspects of that are at the moment Atticus and I have caught up with the other things we’ve done in our side jobs. You know the Vietnam score’s coming out for Ken Burns documentary that drops this fall. Then there’s a couple interesting film related projects that we’re considering taking on.


“If we did that, it may play a factor in the timeframe of Nine Inch Nail’s third EP.”

Listen to Reznor’s full interview with Beats One below, or here.

A previous email to fans suggested that the third EP will be released “six-eight months” after the release of ‘Add Violence’.