Nipsey Hussle had two more albums planned out before his passing

Hussle only released one album, 2018's 'Victory Lap', before he passed

It has been revealed that Nipsey Hussle had two more albums in the works before his untimely passing back in March of 2019.

This week marked the third anniversary of Hussle’s sole studio album, ‘Victory Lap’. In a new interview, Dead Prez member Stic.Man revealed that Hussle had come to him with plans for his next two albums.

“I had a conversation with Nipsey Hussle before he passed,” Stic.Man said on the Juan Ep Is Dead podcast.


“…We had an hour-long conversation about what he had been trying to do up to that point as an independent, and how he wanted his situation to be with Atlantic. He had made it to some certain personal goals he had. What he wanted to talk to me about was his three-album mission.”

Stic.Man went on to explain Hussle’s alleged three-album plan to fulfil his contract with Atlantic Records. This included ‘Victory Lap’, a follow-up album, and a final album titled ‘The Spook Who Sat By The Door’, getting its title from the 1969 Sam Greenlee novel of the same name.

He also said that Nipsey Hussle had asked his permission to redo Dead Prez’s 2000 debut album ‘Let’s Get Free’.

“He told me he wanted to redo ‘Let’s Get Free’, and wanted our permission,” Stic.Man said.

“He really wanted our permission to sample, and really redo it for what he called his generation. And all the admiration he had for that record, we just had a heart-to-heart back and forth. Obviously, we didn’t get to go there, but I want to speak to the heart Nip had.”


Last year, one of Nipsey Hussle’s producers revealed that there was a posthumous album on the way featuring Dave East and Trae Tha Truth.

Earlier this month, Hussle’s collaboration with Jay-Z, ‘What It Feels Like’, was released as part of the soundtrack for Judas and the Black Messiah.