Watch Nirvana live at Reading Festival 1992 on NME.COM – video

You can see the seminal performance right here

You can watch Nivana’s seminal headline performance at Reading Festival in full, right here on NME.COM.

The band’s headlining performance at the Richfield Avenue event in 1992 has gone down in history, widely considered to be one of the greatest UK festival shows of all time. Videos of each song can be found, in sequence, below.

Dave Grohl has said since that at the time he believed the show would be the end of their career, saying: “We rehearsed [for Reading] once, the night before, and it wasn’t good. I really thought, ‘This will be a disaster, this will be the end of our career for sure.’ And then it turned out to be a wonderful show, and it healed us for a little while.”

Nirvana‘s classic second album ‘Nevermind’ was re-released on Monday (September 19) to mark its 20th anniversary. A Super Deluxe Edition contains a raft of rarities and remixes across its four CDs and one DVD.

Watch Nirvana at Reading here:


Nirvana – Breed on MUZU.TV

‘Drain You’

Nirvana – Drain You on MUZU.TV


Nirvana – Aneurysm on MUZU.TV


Nirvana – School on MUZU.TV


Nirvana – Sliver on MUZU.TV

‘In Bloom’

Nirvana – In Bloom on MUZU.TV

‘Come As You Are’

Nirvana – Come As You Are on MUZU.TV


Nirvana – Lithium on MUZU.TV

‘About A Girl’

Nirvana – About A Girl on MUZU.TV


Nirvana – Tourette’s on MUZU.TV


Nirvana – Polly on MUZU.TV

‘Lounge Act’

Nirvana – Lounge Act on MUZU.TV

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit on MUZU.

‘On A Plain’

Nirvana – On A Plain on MUZU.TV

‘Negative Creep’

Nirvana – Negative Creep on MUZU.TV

‘Been A Son’

Nirvana – Been A Son on MUZU.TV


Nirvana – Blew on MUZU.TV


Nirvana – Dumb on MUZU.TV

‘Stay Away’

Nirvana – Stay Away on MUZU.TV

‘Spank Thru’

Nirvana – Spank Thru on MUZU.TV

‘Love Buzz’

Nirvana – Love Buzz on MUZU.TV

‘The Money Will Roll Right In’

Nirvana – The Money Will Roll Right In on MUZU.TV


Nirvana – D-7 on MUZU.TV

‘Territorial Pissings’

Nirvana – Territorial Pissings on MUZU.TV