Kurt Cobain’s MTV tirade letter to be auctioned

Nirvana man dubs the station 'Empty TV' in the letter

A handwritten letter by late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain seemingly slagging off the MTV network is set to be auctioned.

The undated letter, which is signed “Kurdt Kobaineee, professional rock musician” sees Cobain appear to refer to MTV as “Empty TV”. It is set to be auctioned at Julienslive.com, with bidding closing at 3am (BST) tomorrow (October 11).

Cobain‘s letter reads: “Dear Empty TV, the entity of all corporate gods. We will survive without you easily. The old-school is going down fast. My life’s dedication is now to do nothing but slag something. Kurdt Kobaineee, professional rock musician.”

Although the letter is undated, in 1993 Cobain gave an interview during which he suggested he was unsatisfied with MTV. Watch it by clicking on the video below.