Are you as old as ‘Nevermind’?

NME wants to hear from the next generation of Nirvana fans

Nirvana’s ground breaking ‘Nevermind’ album was released 15 years ago this month – and as part of an upcoming NME issue we want to hear from the latest generation of Nirvana fans.

Were you born in 1991 – the same year the album came out – and do Kurt Cobain and co mean everything to you?

If you so, please send us a picture of yourself (preferably wearing a Nirvana t-shirt!) with an accompanying email telling us a little bit about why you are such a fan of the band and ‘Nevermind’, despite the fact you weren’t even able to swallow solids when it was first released.


Please send your photos and comments to with Nirvana as the subject.

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