‘Nevermind’ – the dance!

Classic Nirvana album gets a unique new treatment

Nirvana’s classic 1991 album ’Nevermind’ has been turned into a dance based show by Seattle’s Spectrum Dance Theater.

The world premiere of the show will occur this weekend (March 31 – April 1) at the Moore Theatre in the city.

The work has been choreographed by Donald Byrd, who has previously worked on the Broadway productions of ’The Color Purple’.

Speaking about his decision to do the show, Byrd said: “The tragedy of his drug addiction that didn’t allow (Kurt Cobain) to see with the kind of clarity that would have made for different choices, I was just kind of drawn to that.”

Although plot details are sketchy, two dancers – David Alewine and Allison Keppel – are set to represent Cobain and widow Courtney Love.

Byrd said: “It’s like sometimes when you’re watching ’Romeo and Juliet’, you think, if they had just waited…even if it seems unbearable, it’s going to change.”

However, the director says the show is not biographical but “(Cobain)’s life is just an inspirational departure point”.

The dance steps are said to incorporate some of the dance moves of Los Angeles’ punk scene, reports The Seattle Times.