Kurt Cobain no longer highest earning dead celebrity

Nirvana man knocked off death list by Elvis Presley

Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain is out of the annual list of highest earning dead celebrities.

Cobain topped the list compiled by Forbes magazine in 2006, when his widow Courtney Love sold part of his catalogue for a reported £25m.

However, this year the Nirvana singer does not feature in the top ten, with Elvis Presley topping the list with earnings of £29 million, followed closely by John Lennon with £22 million.

James Brown – who died last year – was a new entry at Number 11 with earnings of £2.5m.

The top earning dead celebrities according to Forbes are:

1. Elvis Presley (£29m)

2. John Lennon (£22m)

3. Charles M. Schulz (£17.5m)

4. George Harrison (£11m)

5. Albert Einstein (£9m)

6. Andy Warhol (£7.5m)

7. Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) (£7.5m)

8. Tupac Shakur (£4.5m)

9. Marilyn Monroe (£3.5m)

10. Steve McQueen (£3m)

11. James Brown (£2.5m)

12. Bob Marley (£2m)

13. James Dean (£1.7m)