The article appears in the new Uncut Legends magazine - and there's many startling revelations...

A previously unpublished KURT COBAIN interview has been unearthed which gives a fascinating insight into what NIRVANA’s future could have been.

Next month marks the tenth anniversary of the suicide of Cobain, who shot himself in his Seattle home.

In one of his last interviews, published for the first time in the forthcoming Uncut Legends magazine, Kurt said he would’ve loved to form a band with Courtney Love, and wanted to be recognised as a classic songwriter like Johnny Cash rather than be labelled with the term “grunge rocker”.

Amazingly, the original interview was conducted by a French TV journalist and only a small piece was ever used on French TV. The interview has never been run in full, or appeared in English before.

In the piece, Kurt said: “It’s a nice thought (collaborations with Courtney). I’d like to, but to tell you the truth, I would rather just quit my band and join [/a], you know – only because when I have played music with them, there’s a level of connection that’s a little bit higher than with anyone else I ever played with. It’s amazing.

“It’s totally satisfying for Courtney and I, but completely unrealistic because we’re already so intertwined with each other. Most people don’t think of the band Nirvana, they think of Kurt and Courtney and it gets in the way. People would just overlook the music and look into other things. It’s such a sad situation. I really wish we could just join bands…(but) it wouldn’t be considered a real band.”

The interview took place on August 10, 1993, eight months before Kurt died. When pressed about his plans he remained elusive, but showed some signs he was thinking about the future.

He continued: “It might be nice to start playing acoustic guitar and be thought of as a singer and a songwriter, rather than a grunge rocker because then I might be able to take advantage of that when I’m older. I could sit down on a chair and play acoustic guitar like [a]Johnny Cash or something, and it won’t be a big joke.”

Uncut Legends is published on March 16, priced £5.50.